Rare Parrot Unseen for a Century Captured on Film

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An Australian naturalist and filmmaker has captured footage of a critically endangered bird that had gone unseen alive by human eyes for more than 100 years, according to Reuters.

John Young experienced a unique encounter with a night parrot on May 25. Although evidence has shown scientists that the species was not extinct, no human has seen a night parrot alive since 1912.

"I've only heard them in one place and I've been in a hundred places," Young said. Young was able to coax the bird he saw out of hiding using a recording of a parrot call. The bird was small, with yellow-green plumage mottled with brown and black specks.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the night parrot as a critically endangered species, estimating only 50 to 250 of the birds to be left on Earth. Cats, foxes and human encroachment have all contributed to the dwindling night-parrot population.

Young had searched for a live night parrot for 15 years.

Due to the rarity and vulnerability of the species, Young has refused to say where he encountered the night parrot that he saw. "I think the worst thing we can do at the moment is to let too many people anywhere near it," he said, adding that the bird he recorded is "the most sensitive bird I have ever seen."

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