Dog Almost Dies From Swallowing Tennis Ball

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A Husky nearly died after playing a seemingly harmless game of fetch with its owner in Brighton, England. Now, a leading animal charity is urging dog owners to stop playing this game with their canines.

It happened one afternoon when Anna Dziedric was at the park with her Husky, Pax, and her Jack Russell, Pixie. "The dogs were happily playing with tennis balls, like usual," she said.

Pax began throwing the tennis ball up in the air and catching it in his mouth like he always did. But when it was time to leave, Pax didn't have the ball. Dziedric figured he had lost it somewhere in the park, but the unthinkable had happened instead - her dog had swallowed it.

It wasn't until a week later that Dziedric realized what happpened. "He became really poorly over the next week and so I was worried about him."

Dziedric took Pax to the animal hospital where they took an X-ray, which revealed the problem. The ball was lodged in his abdomen.

"I was stunned when PDSA called to reveal how ill he was and what the problem was," said Dziedric.

Pax was rushed to PDSA surgery and the ball was removed from his stomach.

Since then, Pax had made a speedy recovery, but will have a scar on his abdomen to remind Dziedric of the horrible scare. Needless to say, Pax and Pixie do not play with tennis balls anymore.

Last year, the PDSA treated more than 100 pets for ball-related injuries, which included intestinal blockages and eye injuries. Always keep a close watch on your dog when playing any ball-related games, fetch included.

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