Police Break Up Brawl Between Squirrel and Snake

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In Phoenix, Ariz., a woman called the police after noticing a vicious brawl between a snake and a squirrel. Officers assume that the fight started after the snake went near the squirrel's nest. As a protective mother, the squirrel had to protect her babies. The animals didn't seemed phased at all, even with many people watching and even filming. Firefighters eventually came to the rescue, breaking up the brawl and setting the snake free in the desert. Both animals are fine.

AZ Police Break Up Brawl Between Snake, Squirrel

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Moses Gifts

I have new for all of you. That squirrel eats snakes. That's just what it was up to. Google it you will see. I watched a video on you tube a while back when someone watch just that happen. That squirrel didn't win either. The snake had had enough and slithered back into the nearby rocks

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1 reply to Moses Gifts's comment

Someone needs to read it again, the firefighters broke it up and took the snake out into the desert.

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During my stay in Yosemite Nat'l Park, I had a resident rattle snake living under the porch of the my cabin. Coming home I first saw a dead baby squirrel near the cabin. The mother squirrel was biting the snake over and over so that it could not escape down its hole. Both snake and squirrel had their skin torn and were bleeding. It must have been some fight. Every time the snake looked as though it was going to safely escape, the squirrel would go down the hole and pull it back up with her teeth. The squirrel had been bitten many times and was swollen and could not open its eyes.
The next day I came home and the snake was strected out on our deck. I ran in the cabin and made another call. The snake was dead. Squirrels have developed a natural immunity to Rattle Snake venom. Snake dead. I assume mother squirrel was with the remained of her litter, and I could enjoy the cabin sans rattle snake..

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Terri Black

Umm, that didn't look like a "fight" to me. People jump to the conclusion that the squirrel had a nest nearby, but maybe the squirrel is rabid. Either theory is possible. The lack of fear in the squirrel when surrounded by people seems to me an indicator of rabies. But that said, then again, I have tried to break up cat fights between neighborhood strays and when I say tried, I mean it. These cats would NOT stop fighting. I yelled , I screamed, I threw my coat on top of them. nothing fazed them. They had NO fear of the people that were trying to get them to stop. I hope both animals are ok.

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That snake looks like he was getting the worst of the deal. I mean that squirrels teeth can really do some damage.

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Dear Ms. Braun, Get a dictionary and look up the words FAZED and PHASED. You'll be a better writer for knowing the difference.
Literate Linda

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