Man Puts 'Dinosaur Egg' Up for Sale on Dubai Website

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Looking for a coffee table conversation piece that will also really tie the room together? How about a dinosaur egg? According to, a German man in Dubai is attempting to sell a supposed dinosaur egg on an United Arab Emirates website.

The 75-year-old man, Ernst, claims to have discovered the specimen in the Sahara desert. He found the egg in 1985 while working at power stations in North Africa. Amazed by the rare find, Ernst has kept the prehistoric prize safe since the discovery.

Now that Ernst has had several decades with the egg, and is preparing to retire, he has decided to sell the artifact for financial reasons. The "eggshell part with petrified embryo" went up for sale on an UAE website called Dubizzle for $34,000.

While this piece may look like a good start to your own private Jurassic Park, experts are skeptical of the item's authenticity. Eight-year-old dinosaur expert Pritvik Sinhadc thinks the egg likely belongs to a giant crocodile Sarcosuchus. It may be hard to take a child seriously, but Sinhadc has a 165 IQ and has already published his first book on dinosaurs.

The Sarcosuchus, also known as SuperCroc, lived in what is now the Libyan Sahara desert over 100 million years ago. Sinhadc believes the egg belongs to this creature because the specimen is round, while dinosaur eggs are oval.

Other experts (of a more advanced age) agree that the egg's round shape probably means it once belonged to a crocodile or turtle-like creature. It is not clear how this information will affect the egg's sale, but researchers hope if it doesn't go through, Ernst will consider donating the piece to a museum.

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