Great White Shark Encounters NJ Fishermen

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A group of fisherman in New Jersey got an exciting surprise when they encountered a great white shark off the coast of Atlantic City last Sunday, reports WCAU-TV in Philadelphia.

Mike Long, Rob Pompilio and their friend were fishing about 30 miles southeast of Atlantic City when the shark emerged from the deep to say hello. Long used his cellphone to record video of the huge fish circling the boat.

The shark, which was about half the size of the 28-foot boat, stuck around for about 10 minutes, but didn't seem very interested in anything the men had to offer, ignoring the measly bait dangling in the water.

The shark did leave its mark on the boat, however, scratching the vessel with its teeth. "It came up, just grabbed the boat, saw it wasn't edible, went back down," said Pompilio.

Bob Schoelkopf, the founder of the local Marine Mammal Stranding Center, told WCAU that shark sightings have increased in the area recently, probably due to the increase in the number of seals, which are one of the sharks' main food sources.

"Keep an eye out. If you see fins in the water, common sense should tell you to get out of the water," Schoelkopf said.


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