Footage of 660-lb Mako Shark Attacking Marlin Caught on Camera

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First killer whales tried their turn at fishing, and now it's massive mako sharks making killer waves in the media. According to GrindTV, photojournalist Alistair McGlashan was marlin fishing in Australia when an amazing opportunity swam onto the scene.

McGlashan jumped into the ocean to capture his crew's catch on camera so the photos could be used for documentation and published in magazines. The photojournalist was filming some of the stunning footage on his video camera when he suddenly felt a "swoosh" by his side.

Before the crew could release their catch, an impressive photobomber swam into the frame. A 660-lb mako shark dashed past McGlashan and began attacking the marlin. McGlashan lived through the surprise encounter to share his story and jaw-dropping footage.

"I've fished all my life and put in 200-plus days a year [on the water]. I get to see some amazing things, but the standout feature, the one thing that was most amazing and without a doubt the most scary, was swimming with a 330-kilo [660-pound] mako shark," McGlashan explained in his YouTube video.

Thankfully, the curious and hungry mako shark was craving fish and not photojournalist.

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