Cat Running for Mayor in Mexican Town

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The citizens of Xalapa, Mexico, are frustrated with the corrupt politicians in their town, so they have turned to an unusual new candidate for mayor. According to ABC News, a black-and-white cat named Morris is running for mayor after being nominated by two students.

Cat Running For Mayor in Mexican Town

Morris has been dubbed the "'citizen's candidate." He hopes to "rid the city of rats," i.e. the corrupt politicians of Xalapa. However, Morris isn't going to promise the people of Xalapa anything he can't actually accomplish. One of the students said that unlike many other candidates who have run for office in the city, Morris is going to be completely honest with Xalapa about what he plans to do as the city's next mayor: eating, sleeping, yawning and conducting other cat-specific activities.

Morris has become extremely popular and has garnered a lot of attention in the local news. His Facebook page has more than 50,000 followers.

Morris' name won't be on the ballot because he is a cat, but his "pawticipation" in the race means so much more to local journalist Melina Zurita. Zurita believes Morris represents the frustration Xalapa's citizens have with Mexican politicians who win elections by buying votes and negotiating corrupt deals.

Morris' campaign staff is encouraging voters to write Morris' name in on ballots in order to send a message to the city's politicians.



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