Begging Bears Stop Russian Traffic

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Hungry bears have fallen into a routine of begging for food from motorists along a stretch of highway near the Russian town of Gornopravdinsk, according to the Daily Mail U.K. The begging bears are creating a real road hazard, and officials are worried that it is only a matter of time before a sympathetic human is attacked.

The brown bears approach cars on the road and beg at the windows for treats. Many drivers indulge the bears, which has increased their number and persistence. "Bears are attracted by the easy food, which the truck drivers share with them," said Sergey Zaitsev, head of nearby Gornopravdinsk.

Zaitsev said the problem has gotten so bad that drivers are often brought to a complete stop and cannot pass because there are so many animals on the road blocking the way.

But locals seem to have at least some affection for the bears, not only feeding them, but also giving them names. The fastest of the cubs has become known as Piston, for example.

So far, the bears have remained merely a cute nuisance. While they clog traffic and risk their own safety for the free meals, no people or bears have been harmed yet. But police warn local motorists that every time they roll down their windows for a bear, they risk being attacked.

"We urge drivers to be careful and not to speed up," said Andrey Pitukhin, head of traffic at the local police department. "Use the horn if bears appear, and whatever happens, do not feed them."


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Poor things , they are obviously pensioned in Rubles .

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