Sloths Selling Fast in Colombia's Illegal Pet Trade

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Sloth are seeing a surge of popularity thanks to the Web, but not all the hype has been positive for the slow-moving animals. According to ABC News, Colombia is selling an increasing number of once-wild sloths in a booming illegal pet trade.

Because sloths appear to be so cute and lazy, many think they could make great pets. The truth is that these animals have a hard time surviving outside the rain forest. Sloths need a specific set of plants and weather conditions to stay happy and healthy. These needs are so hard to replicate that many zoos are unable to take on certain species of sloths, so it's not surprising that the animals don't do well in households.

Dedicated animal lovers are working on shutting down Colombia's extensive animal-trafficking network, but it is a slow road because the country's police aren't interested in becoming involved.

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it's so heart breaking to see what they are doing with these poor animals. I'm from Colombia and it's a shame that the Colombian government is doing nothing to stop this. Wish i had the power to go there and rescue them all. : (

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