Dog Belonging to Fugitive Murder Suspect Could Provide Clues

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The search is on for fugitive murder suspect Shane Franklin Miller. Authorities have not yet found Miller, 45, but they have found Miller's pet Dachshund, Gigi, and the dog may be their most important piece of evidence yet, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Miller is suspected of killing his wife and daughters earlier this month. On the run, he has been one step ahead of authorities pursuing him. But detectives have located Gigi, who was being cared for by a woman who says two hikers found the dog before she agreed to care for her.

"It would be greatly beneficial to this investigation and the search for Shane Miller if the location Gigi was originally was found at was known," said Humboldt County Sheriff's Lt. Dave Morey.

Morey said that because Dachshunds have such short legs, Gigi couldn't have traveled far from where she was abandoned. Knowing where that was would allow detectives to narrow the scope of their search for Miller.

Unfortunately, the woman who was taking care of Gigi did not exchange names or contact information with the hikers that she says found the dog, so their identities remain unknown. Humboldt and Shasta County Detectives hope the hikers will contact them at the following numbers: Shasta County (530-245-6025) or Humboldt County (707-445-7251).

Gigi was found healthy and uninjured. She remains in the care of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office.


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