Stray Dog Cares for Orphaned Kitten as Her Own

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When animal control officer Michele Smith responded to a call about a barking dog, she was surprised to find the abandoned animal wasn't alone, but with another furry friend of a different kind.

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Smith discovered a dog and kitten snuggled up together in a ravine. It was clear that the dog had been nursing the kitten, treating it as her very own.

Smith believes that the dog could have walked down the hill by herself, but thinks that it just "couldn't get back up with the kitten, and I don't think it was willing to leave the kitten."

PAWS animal rescue has decided to keep the two together. They believe that the dog is at least 5 years old and that the kitten is just a few weeks old. According to Smith, the dog has been nursing, tending and cleaning the kitten. The dog is most likely going through pseudo-pregnancy to produce milk, but doesn't have enough to provide for the kitten properly.

The dog seems to be a pet, so PAWS will give its owner 14 days to claim her. If no one does, the pair will be put up for adoption.

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