Dolphin 'Diagnoses' Woman's Cancer

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If you ever feel the need for a second opinion after seeing a doctor, you may want to take a swim in the ocean, because a dolphin could figure out that you're sick before anyone else. That's what happened to Patricia Stoops when she swam with dolphins during a cruise. One dolphin in particular, named Keppler, seemed to think something was wrong with Stoops, and wouldn't leave her alone. It even led the trainer to ask Stoops if she was there as part of a Make-a-Wish wish fulfillment. Stoops thought herself to be in perfect health, but only a week later, an unusual chest pain sent her to the doctor, and she was diagnosed with lung cancer. The cancer was treated successfully, and Stoops credits Keppler. "Thank God to this little dolphin, Keppler, who lives in the British Virgin Islands. He saved my life," said Stoops.

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