Homeowner Finds Over 60,000 Bees Living Behind His Bedroom Wall

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A Provo, Utah, man was shocked to learn that an enormous beehive was teeming with between 60,000 and 80,000 bees in the walls of his bedroom, according to Fox 13 News Salt Lake City.

Tyler Judd first found the bees at his home this past weekend, noticing some of them swarming outside by his chimney. The encounter led to the discovery of the enormous hive behind a wall in Judd's master bedroom.

The hive was about four or five years old, but Judd had no idea it was there. "I couldn't believe it was a couple of inches from where we were sleeping because I didn't hear anything in our bedroom at all," he said.

Judd called in beekeeper Al Chubak of Utah Bee Removal to get rid of the hive, which took several hours to dismantle and remove.

40,000 Bees Found In Bedroom Wall

Chubak told KSTU that bees found indoors seem to be immune to the widespread colony collapse disorder that has been wiping out bee populations since the middle 2000s. "Since last year, 60 percent of the bees died," Chubak said. "Well, that's a huge population of bees that are gone, yet the ones inside homes are doing fantastic."

Chubak added that indoor beehives like Judd's aren't as uncommon as people may think. "I bet you there are at least 1,500 hives like this in homes across the Wasatch, but people don't typically notice them," he said.

Sleep tight!


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