Lynx on the Loose

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"Hi, it's Lorraine! So sorry to interrupt your dinner, but I wonder if I could borrow a cup of sugar. Great, thanks! By the way, I noticed the new azalea bushes you planted over the weekend. They really look fantastic. Hey, thanks for the sugar. See you soon! Oh, wait a sec; I almost forgot something. Do you, um - I'm not sure how to put this. Do you have a lynx? Like, a pet lynx? Oh, you do. A gift from relatives in Siberia. I see. Are you aware that it is roaming the neighborhood and terrifying everybody? Well, I'm sorry, Svetlana, but I think I'm going to have to notify the homeowner's association about this. Because I don't think you can have a lynx. No, I realize it's not specified in the homeowner's association regulations. Well, I think some things just go without saying, Svetlana."

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