Dog Mourns Beaver Best Friend

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Bella the dog mourns the loss of her best friend, a beaver named Beavis, in a video that's gone viral and captured the hearts of animal lovers on the Internet.

Dogs and beavers aren't exactly among nature's most traditional pairings, but Beavis and Bella found each other. Bella's owner says the animals "played ball together, shared living quarters, ate together," and more.

In the touching video, Bella appears to go through a process in which she realizes that Beavis has died, mourns the loss and sadly comes to accept it.

The Daily Mail U.K. points out that other dogs also appear in the video, but Beavis' death apparently doesn't affect them, highlighting the uniqueness of the special friendship Bella had with the beaver.

The YouTube video's description says that Bella spent hours next to Beavis' body, mourning. The look in her eyes says everything about a dog's understanding of death and what it is to lose a best friend.


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Awww SO SAD!!!

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