This Pet Bed Is Just Right

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One constant with pets is that they always state exactly how it is, with no smoke and mirrors or beating around the bush. This is especially true when it comes down to their creature comforts - more specifically, where they sleep. Whether you're home or out, you can count on them finding the softest, sunniest place to cuddle.

When pets talk about their beds, they express a feeling of being cradled. Round beds with half-moon-shaped bolsters give them something on which to lean back. It helps to remind them of snuggling with their mothers.

One of my clients always shows me photos of his 110-pound Labrador sleeping on their leather sofa with the pillows that he has re-arranged to be just the way he likes them. I think it's hilarious when he ends up with one of the pillows resting on top of him.

Here are the four most common requests I field from pets:

1. Pets prefer bolstered pet beds because they create a sense of security.

2. Pets usually don't mind if you wash their beds often, as long as the beds don't end up smelling like perfume.

3. They like having more than one bed to choose from, so keep their options open.

4. Beds made with natural materials tend to appeal to their senses of smell and comfort.

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