Adopting A Special Needs Cat Has Many Rewards

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Ultimately, adopting a special needs pet is its own reward. However, there are so many additional benefits to having any pet in your home - special needs or not.Homer was brought into St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center as a 6 week old kitten with 2 issues: First, he is an all black cat, which makes him harder to adopt. Second, he has Anophthalmia (he was born without eyes), which means he must have had a pretty great mother who raised him outdoors to 6 weeks of age when somebody finally found him.

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Homer is very special to me, but not because of his disability.

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I thought that having Homer in the house would be challenging and I would always have to be afraid of him harming himself. To the contrary, he is very independent and gets around with no problems whatsoever.

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He has incredible hearing and will come running if I rub my fingers together from the next room. Adopting him really made me appreciate how amazingly animals adapt to obstacles in life.

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