Cat Found Alive in Wreckage Following Plane Crash

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A tough cat survived after a plane crashed into its house, thanks to a bit of luck and the vigilance of a wrecking-crew member who spotted the animal, according to the Daily Mail U.K.

The plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in South Bend, Ind., last week, destroying three houses, including that of Patricia Kobalski. Kobalski and her 6-year-old son were uninjured, but spent the week looking for their cat, Zuul, who seemingly disappeared following the accident.

By Saturday, a wrecking crew had come to demolish what was left of the houses, which were too damaged for repair. One of the crew, Harvey Jackson, was demolishing Kobalski's house when Zuul jumped out. Apparently, the cat had become stuck between two walls.

"It jumped out and jumped down the corner and I didn't want the wrecking ball to hit it, so I just stopped immediately to try to get down there and try to get it," Jackson told WSBT-TV.

Zuul was rushed to a veterinarian. The brave cat did not escape unscathed, however, and suffered an air pocket in its lungs, a broken leg, and claws that had been ground down from frantically trying to escape. But despite the injuries, veterinarians are optimistic that Zuul will recover and be just fine.


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