'Dead' Deer Escapes Car Trunk, Thanks to Police Intervention

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Many police officers will tell you that the majority of their job involves filling out paperwork and only some of the time is it about "catching bad guys." But sometimes, it involves just straight-up weirdness. In Kalamazoo, Mich., an officer questioned a man he found just sitting in his vehicle. The man hadn't committed any crimes, but told the officer he'd just hit and killed a deer, and was taking it home to use it for food. Wanting to check it out, the officer look inside the car's trunk. There was indeed a deer inside, but not a dead one. See if you can figure out who's more startled: the cop or the yearling. The deer ran into the woods and was not seen again. We hope it's doing well and that its friends don't think it's crazy when it tells them about how it was abducted by aliens.

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