Trust Your Animal Instincts

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Don't second-guess your animal instincts. Looking back, the signs were all there: Wrong man, wrong time, wrong job. And what were you thinking with your lunch order? You didn't follow your inner guidance!

Pets learn to observe and follow their humans' daily routines, but they always trust their animal instincts. Ever notice your pet's body language clearly telling you there's something in the air? They could be looking over your shoulder, nudging you out of a deep sleep before your smoke detector is triggered or waiting enthusiastically at the front door as your spouse drives up the street.

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Want to be in sync with your pet? Trust that sometimes, they do know best. Human nature wants to be right, and even if it's not, human nature tells itself it's right, anyway. This is going to require some rewiring. Be at peace with embracing your own animal instincts, and start listening and following.

Bridge the gap between you and your animal instincts:

1. Your animal instincts come from the connection between your heart and your gut (feeling). When they are in alignment, you feel at peace. When your mind tries to override your feelings, you're like a derailed train.

2. Learning to accept things that might not be visibly obvious at any given moment does not necessarily mean that they do not exist. Learn to refrain from judging, as this may close doors to opportunity.

3. Spend quality time in nature. Listen to the sounds of the birds. Feel the soft sand between your toes. Breathe in clean air and observe all the amazing colors that are created in nature.

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4. Take in a mental picture of your amazing experience. Hold it for at least 17 seconds to make it a lasting memory. This will make it easy for you to recall at any time no matter where you find yourself.

5. Getting back into alignment with your animal instincts is as easy as getting dressed. Develop your new habit! Set aside 5 to 15 minutes of your day. Come to peace and allow yourself to feel the rhythm and simple abundance found in nature.

6. It takes humans 21 days to create a habit and 17 seconds to create a memory. Five to 15 minutes a day of meditation is equal to one hour of restful sleep. This brief harmony will start to get you back on track with you instincts.

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Animals don't rely on making sense out of anything. They observe and adapt to living with complicated humans. No wonder we love them so much!

Patrice Ryan

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