Meredith Viera's Dog Jasper Barks His Rebuttal

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It happens to every couple. When they welcome a pet into their lives, the warm and fuzzy feelings come with a little bit of tension and insecurity. One partner will inevitably ask the question: "Does my partner love the dog more than they love me?" Meredith Viera's husband Richard Cohen felt so strongly about it that he had to write a book about it, titled, "I Want to Kill the Dog." Obviously, the New York Times bestselling author didn't really mean it. The book was more about living with his wife and her band of difficult dogs – namely the other love of her life, Jasper. Still, Jasper's feelings were hurt, and when Viera went on "The Dr. Oz Show," the dog felt like it was his opportunity to give his rebuttal. Watch what he had to bark about in the video clip below. Don't forget to tune in to "The Dr. Oz Show." Check your local listings.

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