Things Your Pet Would Say, Namaste

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When it comes to our pets, loyalty is number one! They are always ready for dinner, sleep next to us in bed, wake us up on time in the morning, and go for daily walks outside. They would say that you are absolutely divine!

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If your pets could talk, the things they would say would be judgement-free. They don't have time to judge. They focus on what they like most and want more of. They would tell it like it is and make no bones about it.

But what would they say?

1. "I really like it when my owners feed me by hand, even if they're not supposed to."

2. "I wish they didn't keep washing my bed. I like it when it smells like me! But I know they're just taking care of me, and I love them."

3. "I like riding in Dad's car better than Mom's car because Mom's is noisier, but mainly I just love spending time with either of them."

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4. "I really like it when Dad takes me out for a walk and plays ball with me like I am one of the guys. And I like how sweet and gentle my Mom is, how she feeds me and takes care of me."

5. "Sometimes my owners make themselves sad and cry, but there's nothing for them to feel badly about."

In our pets' eyes, there's no right or wrong. Their love for us is so divine that they forgive us before we can conceive of forgiving ourselves.

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Let's get into feeling divine by replacing words like "good" and "bad' with phrases like, "You are so awesome, great, funny, loving, amazing and beautiful." Keep in mind that the divine in you acknowledges the divine in your pets. They will thank you, my divine friends.

Patrice Ryan

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