Salmonella-Carrying Pet Frogs Could Still Be in Homes

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An outbreak of salmonella linked to pet African dwarf frogs sickened nearly 400 people between 2008 and 2011. Now, according to a new report in the medical journal Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control is warning that frogs linked to the outbreak may still be present in some homes.

Because the frogs can live to be up to 18 years old, it is likely that some of the outbreak-linked frogs are still living in home aquariums belonging to unsuspecting owners.

Five more illnesses linked to the frogs occurred last year, according to the Associated Press, although no deaths resulted.

Those who keeps African dwarf frogs in their aquariums are advised to wash their hands each time they come into contact with the aquarium water. Children should not clean aquariums.

African dwarf frogs have been popular aquarium pets for decades, and are valued for their low maintenance requirements. The California breeder linked to the salmonella-carrying frogs briefly suspended distribution due to the outbreak, and cooperated with authorities.


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