Firefighter Finds Box of Three Bears by Roadside

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A volunteer firefighter found a cardboard box filled with baby bear cubs on the side of a South Carolina roadway, according to the Daily Mail U.K., Brandon Poole was with his family, driving in his hometown of Long Creek, S.C., when he spotted the abandoned box.

"I thought it was little puppies in that little box, so I got closer to it," Poole said. "I heard squealing so I thought it was baby pigs. I got closer and picked one up -- it was three baby bears."

The tiny black cubs each weighed less than three pounds. Poole put the box in his truck and took the animals to a nearby firehouse, fearing they'd freeze to death if they were left alone.

Poole's two daughters wanted to keep the bears, but Poole did the proper thing and turned them over to professionals. Since then, Appalachian Bear Rescue in Tennessee adopted two of the cubs (naming them Benny and Jerry), and the third one was given to the Charles Towne Landing Zoo in South Carolina.

It is not known how the cubs came to be abandoned, but officials believe that humans were involved. Ultimately, Poole made the intelligent call by contacting the proper authorities.

If you find what appears to be an abandoned animal, don't move it right away; it may not be abandoned at all. Sometimes, young animals are left alone while their families forage for food. Observe the animal from a distance for 24 hours to see if its family comes to retrieve it. If you are sure the animal has been abandoned, contact experts at the closest wildlife rehabilitation center.


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