New Jersey Suburb Is Invaded by More Than 100 Vultures

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This headline sounds like a bad remake of "The Birds," but it's the unfortunate reality for some Garden State residents. According to the Daily Mail U.K., over 100 vultures swooped into the Bridgewater, New Jersey, area this week and are refusing to leave.

Locals are understandably spooked and officials are worried about the damage these birds could cause. The United States Department of Agriculture says when these sinister-looking birds gather in large groups, they often wreak havoc. Vultures can easily tear off shingles and caulking from homes, and damage other parts of a residence's exterior.

"I noticed them about two years ago and thought, now that's a big bird," resident Tim Friar told "Then I started to see an ungodly amount. It's just eerie."

The vultures started appearing in Bridgewater in record numbers after Hurricane Sandy, with some locals counting over 130 birds on just one block. Locals believe the animals may have chosen to roost in this suburb for the winter season after the trees they usually stay in were wiped out during the storm.

"Vultures like pine trees and evergreen trees because they still have the needles that offer protection from the elements," Nicole Rein shared. "They typically nest later in the season but they don't build nests in trees, rather on the ground and in caves or abandoned barns."

The vultures have attacked a few people and pets, but have yet to cause any serious injuries. Bridgewater residents don't want to wait for that to happen and are working on getting the birds to relocate. Rein says the bet way to do this is by purchasing a vulture carcass and hanging it as an effigy where the birds congregate. The sight of a dead vulture deters others from settling in the same place. Residents are working on raising the money to purchase the effigy and remove their avian squatters.

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