Boo the World's Cutest Dog Is Now a Spokesdog for Sunglasses

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As you know, Boo the Pomeranian is the self-proclaimed World's Cutest Dog. So, of course, it was only a matter of time before Boo became an official spokesdog for one product or another. Now, Boo is the canine face of the Monocle Order, a high-end New York designer sunglasses company, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Boo recently did a photo shoot for the company's new "Blood and Tears" line of products, which must be some kind of ironic statement, because Boo never brought anyone tears (except maybe tears of joy). The sunglasses cost $150 each, but we're sure that with Boo's many millions of Facebook fans, at least a few of them are able and willing to shell out that kind of bread for sunglasses.

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