Bat-Killing Disease Appears in 20th U.S. State

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White-nose syndrome has been literally plaguing the North American bat population for seven years, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. According to the Mother Nature Network, the fungal infection has now been confirmed in Illinois, the 20th state in the United States to be infested with the disease.

The little-understood white-nose syndrome first appeared in New York in 2006, and has killed 6 million bats while spreading to 19 other states and five Canadian provinces. Its appearance in Illinois is not a surprise, because it has been observed to the east and west, so it was only a matter of time before it showed up in the Prairie State. It has likely been in Illinois for some time, merely going undetected until now.

"Although its arrival was anticipated, the documented spread of WNS into Illinois is discouraging news, mainly because there is no known way to prevent or stop this disease in its tracks," says Joe Kath of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Because European bats appear to be immune to the fungal infection, scientists believe it was brought here from overseas by American tourists, and spread wildly not just from bat to bat, but by other human cave explorers who carried spores around on their clothes and equipment.

Aside from the simple ecological need to prevent an entire species from being wiped out, there are practical and economic reasons for stopping the spread of white-nose syndrome as soon as possible. Insect-eating bats provide the U.S. with billions of dollars of free pest control every year. Says Kath, "Insectivorous bats are among the most overlooked, economically important, non-domesticated animals in North America."


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White Nose Syndrome was likely brought into the States by a Schoharie County NY caver who visited a European cave and didn't clean his overalls.

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