Biscuit the 37-Pound Cat: Too Heavy to Be Adopted?

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Biscuit the cat is quite the showstopper at the shelter, perhaps because there is much of him to stop and see. According to STL Today, Biscuit is 37 pounds, which affects his chances of adoption.

Cats usually weigh between 10–15 pounds, so Biscuit is a true outlier, and at great risk for serious health problems. To help the obese kitty, the workers at the St. Charles shelter have put Biscuit on a diet. The shelter is unsure if he is the biggest cat on Earth, but they are certain Biscuit is the biggest kitty in St. Charles, Missouri.

Biscuit isn't bounding around yet, but he has already shed some pounds and has increased energy. There is still some work to be done, which worries the shelter staff. Biscuit's new owner will have to be dedicated to keeping the cat on a strict diet so he can get to a healthy weight. This extra work can affect his adoption chances.

If given the time, workers are sure Biscuit can charm his way into a new home. The fat cat also has a huge personality, and is known for being easy-going, cuddly and talkative.

Anyone interested in adopting Biscuit can visit the shelter at 2835 West Randolph Street or call Gilley at 636-949-3395. The adoption fee is $46.50 and includes a rabies shot.

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