Little Girl Treats Cat Like a Toy

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This is either the most patient cat in the world, or it's sick or sedated, or having little Elmyra Duff for a pet owner has sapped its will to live. We've seen some mellow cats before, but none that would ever stand for this kind of treatment. Kids, your pets are creatures with dignity who deserve respect - not living dolls for you to dress up or shove into strollers with pacifiers jammed in their mouths. Don't try this at home. It's messed up.

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Heidi Ann Duncan

actually it depends on the cat, and that cat looked half asleep, when my cat is half asleep she'll let me do alot of things like she wouldn't let me put a pacifier in her mouth, but other than that she would be not caring until she wakes up^^ And normally she is very active runs around the houes like a crazy kitty chasing nothing, sniffs everything all the time and follows me into whatever room i go into, she even waits for me outside the bathroom. but she lets you do weird things to her when she's half-asleep so I think this cat is probally just half asleep, and you are assuming things that are not nessicarily true.

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