Seafood Lover Finds Rare Pearl in His Oyster

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A man looking to cure his hangover found a lot more. According to The Telegraph U.K., James Humphries found a rare pearl in one of the two oysters he bought as a pick up me after a long night of drinking.

Slurping down one of the oysters, Humphries felt a lump in his mouth. Assuming he lost a filling, Humphries spat the piece out only to see that it was a pearl. Oyster experts sat that the seafood lover beat million-to-one odds in finding the treasure. Pearls are rarely found in Pacific oysters, like Humphries was eating, with most coming from pearl oysters instead.

The fishmonger who sold Humphries his lucky oyster says his family business has never seen someone find a pearl in the thousands of oysters they have sold in the past 80 years.

"I'm thinking of getting it made into a piece of jewelry; possibly a little silver fish with the pearl for its eye," Humphries told The Telegraph about his pearl plans.

Experts say the piece will be worth a good amount of money. Pearls found in the wild are usually the best quality and the most valuable. A jeweler who looked at Humphries' pearl says that the find follows suit with an impressive luster and shape.

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