Mysterious Beast Washes Up on English Beach

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There is something more than seashells on the shore of one South Wales beach. According to The Sun, a strange-looking and unidentifiable creature was found on an English beach this week.

The beastly discovery was made by a dog walker named Peter Bailey, strolling through the area with one of his clients. Bailey took pictures of the gruesome-looking animal to show to city officials.

Authorities explained away the creature as the bloated body a of Jack Russell Terrier, but Bailey disagrees. The man believes that the animal is far too large to be a deceased dog.

"It was a disgusting-looking thing. My first impression was that it had the face of a horse, the claws of a bear and the body of a pig," Bailey told The Sun. "It was obviously decomposing and it had lost most of its hair."

An expert from the Swansea University's College of Science looked at the photos, and agrees with Bailey. Based on the animal's size and five toes he believes this "monster" to be a badger.

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