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Who's the leader of happiness in your pack? Our pets are powerful sources of love in our lives. We love the way they make us feel on so many levels, and they influence our happiness as much as or more than we influence theirs. Let's dig a little deeper into this love vibration when it comes to our pets.

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It's interesting how many pet lovers admit to loving animals more than they love humans. Perhaps it's because our pets aim to please, and speak volumes with their body language. When you walk down the street and are greeted by a dog wagging its tail and seeking your affection without even asking your name, it engenders feelings of love and acceptance that we often fail to offer to each other, or even to ourselves.

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Deep down, everyone wants to feel loved without judgment, and our pets love us unconditionally. This could be why some people say they love pets more than humans. It's so simple to adopt a pet-friendly approach to our everyday interactions with each other. Let your pet be your guide. Practice smiling and saying hello to strangers walking down the sidewalk without expecting a response. Do it because you have decided to share your own inner happiness, just like our furry friends do.

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Our pets give us happiness even when not directly offering affection. They keep us in touch with nature. When you take a dog outside for a walk, you follow your pup as it sniffs the grass and trees. This is a good time for you to pause and take a deep breath. Enjoy watching your dog interact with nature. It will help bring you back into balance.

Keep in mind, the leader of the pack is often the tour guide. The leader points our attention to the simple things in life that we sometimes overlook. Pets intuitively know that being in nature is a way of being in balance. They have much to teach us. All we have to do is let them lead us from time to time.

Patrice Ryan

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