Stuffed Cat Found in Attic Is Really a 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy

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Mummies must be looking for something a little more homey than tombs. According to the Daily Mail U.K., a bed-and-breakfast owner found a 2,000-year-old mummified cat in the attic of his English business.

Robert Gray assumed the stuffed cat he discovered in the dusty attic of his inn was just a weird antique. Curious about the kitty, Gray decided to take his odd treasure to a nearby vet. The doctor X-rayed the stuffed cat and made a strange find: there was a skeleton inside.

This stuffed kitty was more than just an antique; it was an artifact. Inspection revealed it to be an ancient mummified cat, about 2,000 years old, with an intact face, ears, spine and brain. The mummy originally belonged to Gray's father, who was an Egyptologist, but Gray always figured the feline was just art, not a piece of history.

"My father acquired the cat in the 1970s as a token of thanks from a museum. It's been in the loft languishing there for 50 years. It's perfectly bandaged up and a very interesting item," Gray shared with the Daily Mail U.K. "Apparently interior designers love this sort of thing, as ghoulish as it sounds. It could fetch a couple of thousands pounds but I will probably donate it to a museum."

The mummy has been officially verified by the experts at the Royal Cornwall Museum. This is an example of the mummified animals often used during religious offerings or buried with their masters to go into the afterlife.

Gray believes that his piece was a beloved pet buried with its owner, because the neck is intact, unlike animals used in religious practices. While Gray has made a genuine find, many ancient cat mummies were faked. Egyptian mummifiers would take people's money and then create dummy mummies with rags stuffed inside.

Gray and experts are happy to have such a well-preserved specimen to add to the history of ancient Egypt. Looks like this mummy cat's nine lives are going to last a lot longer than expected.


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