Freaky Phenomenon: Hundreds of Spiders "Raining" From Sky in Brazil

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If you are even a little squeamish about spiders, this may be a good time to stop reading and go about your day unscathed. For the brave readers left behind, you may not want to go outside after this. According to Grind TV, a cameraman witnessed and filmed hundreds of spiders suspended mid-air at the same time in Brazil.

Erick Reis was shooting a friend's engagement party in Santo Antonio da Platina, Brazil, when he stepped outside for some fresh air. What he found instead was hundreds of spiders "raining" from the sky.

The arachnids were all hanging from utility poles, sharing one giant web. Reis reacted not by running away, but instead filming the stunning sight.

A biologist specializing in spiders says these mass spider meetings are not uncommon in Brazil. The country is home to several social species of spiders. This species will stay in the trees during the day, but drop down at dusk to help each other build one giant web to catch food.

So, basically, this video shows an amazing, natural example of teamwork ... creepy, scary teamwork.

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