Barklemore the Dog Parodies 'Thrift Shop'

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have had the No. 1 single in America for the past few weeks with "Thrift Shop," their ode to bargain shopping at Goodwill. We're definitely down with filling our wardrobes with fly thrift-shop clothes for pennies, but that's not the only place to find something precious to reclaim and take home. Just like spending $50 on a new designer T-shirt is insane when you can find one just like it for a buck, why would you buy a dog from a pet store when there already are countless homeless dogs down at the shelter who need to be rescued? That's the message from Macklemore's canine equivalent, Barklemore. Look at how happy these dogs are to have loving homes. That's even cooler than flannel zebra jammies.

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