8-Foot Alligator Found in Florida Storm Drain Blocks From School

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An alligator found itself between a rock and hard place when it got stuck in a Florida storm drain. According to the Daily Mail U.K., an 8-foot alligator had to be rescued from a storm drain near a elementary school after the large creature got stuck trying to slide through.

A concerned citizen driving through Seminole, Fla., spotted the helpless gator peeking out onto the road. The driver called the local sheriff's office to report the animal, and police soon arrived at the scene.

Officials found that the alligator had managed to accidentally slip all the way down into a sewer only three blocks from a local elementary school. Wanting to safely fix the situation as soon as possible, police called a professional wildlife trapper for assistance.

The expert arrived and quickly went to work, first taping the alligator's jaws shut to prevent injuries during the rescue operation. With help from nearby civilians and some slippery vegetable oil, the trapper was able ease the animal out of the sewer.

After its embarrassing ordeal, the alligator was untaped and checked for injuries. Luckily, the scaly guy wasn't harmed and is now off to an alligator farm that is a safe distance from any pesky storm drains.

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