Moose Hunting Banned in Minnesota After 50% Drop in Numbers

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Have you seen less moose on the loose? According to the Daily Mail U.K., moose hunting has been banned in Minnesota due to a dramatic drop in the state's moose population.

Over the past two years, the number of moose in the state has dropped by 52% for unknown reasons. To give the animal a chance to rebound Minnesota has banned moose hunting for an indefinite amount of time.

Minnesota is also investing $1.2 million to research what is behind this rapid decline. Numbers have been dropping for several years, but never this sharply.

"It's now prudent to control every source of mortality we can as we seek to understand causes of population decline," Tom Landwehr, Minnesota's natural resources commissioner told Daily Mail.

There has been some opposition to the new ban. Outfitters in the moose-populated area of the state have started online petitions to get the ban dropped, as it severely affects their business.

Officials believe that hunting is not the primary reason behind the decline. Instead, they think it's probably a mix of hot summers and tick-borne diseases that are causing the sudden change. Minnesota hopes their high-tech research effort, the largest in history, will lead to a solution.

Currently there are roughly 2,760 moose in Minnesota, a startling number compared to the 8,840 that were counted there in 2006.

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