Secret Service Dog Dies After 6-Story Fall

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A Secret Service dog died in New Orleans, La., Saturday night, after a tragic falling accident, according to USA Today.

The dog, a Belgian Malinois, fell from the six-story Premier Parking garage in the 900 block of Iberville Street near the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at 6 p.m. The Secret Service was running a bomb sweep in anticipation of a visit from Vice President Joe Biden.

WWL-TV in New Orleans reported that federal agents rushed the dog by motorcade to Metairie Small Animal Hospital, but doctors were unable to save the animal.

According to CNN, "The agency began its canine program in 1975 to detect explosives. It uses Belgian Malinois because they are small and have short hair - making it easy for them to work in the heat. They are also very sociable. Each dog and its handler has to complete 20 weeks of training before beginning work, the agency said. When it's time for a dog to retire - usually after about 10 years - it is retired to its handler."

These service dogs form intense bonds with their teams, and especially the handlers with whom they work so closely. Our hearts go out to all the agents who worked with the dog, and who surely are feeling the impact of this tragic loss.


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