It's a Dog Day, and That's a Good Thing!

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Let's get this day started with a healthy new beginning! Ever notice how your pet starts off each day by looking at you with anticipation? They look forward to your morning routine of putting food in their bowl and taking them out for a stroll around the block before you head off to work. They always have a fresh new attitude with each new day. They always expect good things. This would be an excellent opportunity for their humans to follow their lead with this positive attitude.

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A healthy lifestyle begins with the animal's point of view. Upon beginning your daily routine, take time each morning to slow down and really observe your pet's enthusiasm as they greet you. Acknowledge what they get most excited about by writing it down. This helps your brain generate positive inventory memories that can be easily recalled. Make the decision that you are going to focus your attention on the joy you see through your pet's eyes, just like they keep their eye on the ball. This daily exercise will enhance both of your lives and keep you more in tune with your pet's fresh perspective.

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Here are a few healthy lifestyle tips to try:

1. Pick one day each week to wake up 10 minutes early to spend more quality time preparing your pet's food. They notice when you put more positive attention to their food.

2. Play soothing classical music before going to bed at night to lull you both to sleep and set your minds at ease. Music calms the mind and allows the body to relax.

3. Notice how your pet stretches its body in bed before moving a muscle to get up? This exercise helps you feel more awake, too!

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We can learn a lot of healthy lifestyle tips simply by doing what animals intuitively know to do to stay healthy and happy.

- Patrice Ryan

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