Amazing Viral Photo of Penguin About to Be Eaten by a Leopard Seal

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Many look upon seals as sweet and innocent creatures, but just like any other critter in the world, seals are wild animals with an appetite. According to ABC News, one unlucky penguin met up with a starving seal, leading to the bird's fate and a set of incredible photos.

A photographer managed to capture the amazing and terrifying moment a leopard seal caught its penguin prey. The photos show the bird trying to escape, but it is no match for the seal's speed and strength.

The pictures were taken in Port Lockroy, part of the British Antarctic territory and home to several penguin colonies. Leopard seals also lurk here, lying motionless in the shallow water waiting for young penguins to waddle out. Once the marine mammal has ambushed the penguin, it drags the bird into deeper water for consumption.

"The leopard seal gets into the shallow bay just before low tide and pretends to be a rock, placing its head in the water," Amos Nachoum, 63, who took these captivating photos, told the Daily Mail U.K.

"When the young penguins get too close, the leopard snaps with lightning speed, catching a penguin, and in one smooth motion returns back to the deep water and proceeds to the drowning process."

While it may seem cruel to some animal lovers, this is just another example of the world's detailed circle of life in motion.


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