Crocosaurus Pic Going Viral On Facebook

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It may sound like a science fiction movie invention, but many on Facebook are finding that Crocosaurus is real. A picture of a man face to snout with one of these giant reptiles is making its way around the social network.


There is no Photoshop magic involved in this stunning snap. The picture depicts a man taking a caged dive at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia. The attraction is home to over 200 crocs, including some of the largest saltwater crocodiles in the world.

Underwater viewing opportunities and cage dives have made Crocosaurus Cove a popular place. The facility now offers feeding experiences with their signature Cage of Death dives. This new feature allows participants to spend 15 minutes underwater in a cage up close and personal with one of these creatures. Divers also get to see the animal in action, as experienced handlers feed the animals while visitors watch on from the cage.

This is an attraction obviously meant for those who don't mind getting wet or getting scared.

Crocodile Tries To Crash A Lion Dinner Party:

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