Teen Discovers Unprecedented Elephant Seal Footage

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A precocious Ukranian teen with a passion for marine biology has discovered unprecedented footage of an elephant seal feasting on hagfish 2,933 feet deep in the ocean, according to Grind TV.

Kirill Dudko is a 14-year-old from Ukraine whose hobby is watching live feeds from cameras recording deep-sea activity, from which he edits clips to post on his YouTube channel, "World of Ocean." That's how Kirill managed to witness the remarkable footage of the elephant seal, capturing the first photo documentation of one of these mammals eating a hagfish on the sea floor.


Kirill was monitoring a Neptune Canada feed from Barkley Canyon off Canada's Pacific coast when the elephant seal made its appearance. "Suddenly, a huge creature grabbed the hagfish," Kirill told Neptune Canada. "You know, it was like a horror film! This creature wasn't a fish, and I realized it was a mammal because of its nose and mustache."

The important evidence has given scientists a better picture of elephant seal diving activity in the area than was previously recorded, and it might have gone unnoticed if not for the eagle-eyed teen.

Said Steven Mihaly, a staff scientist at Ocean Networks Canada, "We have reams and reams of this video data that we could try to mine using data-mining techniques, but the best data miners we know out there are people like you, the citizen scientists."

Congratulations and thanks to Kirill for this amazing and cool scientific discovery!


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I love to hear stories about young people finding things that can inspire them to pursue something other than materialism. Cheers to Kirill!

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