2013 Puppy Bowl Lineup Revealed

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Every animal lovers' favorite sporting event is almost upon us. February 3rd is Animal Planet's 9th Puppy Bowl. According to TODAY, the event has recently announced its starting line. As you would expect, this year's top dogs are all precious pups with playful spirits. Take a look at who we'll see dominating the field this year.

Overall, 63 puppies will hit the field to cuddle and snuggle their way to top, but only one canine will be named the Most Valuable Puppy. Just like in Puppy Bowls prior, all of the fluffy players will be up for adoption, so you can bring a guaranteed team player into your home.

Dogs won't be the only animals of the evening. The event will also feature a kitten halftime show and a new hedgehog cheerleading squad. How squee-worthy!

The 3-month-old puppies are full of personality. For example, Trinka the Beagle mix loves hotel beds, while Eli the Pit Bull mix can't get enough Dunkin Donuts. Regardless of who snags the MVP title, all the puppies are champions in cuteness.


Who is Cutest?

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