Dog Bite Leads to Serious Illness, Amputation for Texas Mother

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A Texas mother is fighting for her life after receiving a bite from her family dog. According to New York Daily News, Robin Sullins became infected with the normally harmless bacteria Capnocytophaga canimorsus when she was bitten by her dog.

The bacteria, which is found in a third of all cats and dogs, led to a rare infection. This infection has put the mother of four in ICU for the past month, and has required that both her legs and several of her fingers be amputated.

Sullins received the bite while breaking up a scuffle between her dogs on Christmas. Two days after the bite, Sullins went to the hospital with vomiting, chills and a fever.

"She immediately went down hard," Sullins' sister, Angi Sullins, told the Daily News. "Her body started turning black and blue. Her kidneys shut down. All of her vitals plummeted."

The Texas resident was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge in Austin, where doctors struggled to identify the bacteria plaguing Sullins' blood. They soon discovered the bacteria to be Capnocytophaga canimorsus, which is usually harmless.

Now doctors are working to keep Sullins alive, putting her on life support. Her family is doing their best to stay positive and hopeful, staying by Sullins' bedside every day. Family members have also created a website to help raise money for Sullins' extensive medical costs.

Dog bites can happen to anyone, including families with children and loyal pets. To help keep you and your loved one safe, remember that dogs are territorial creatures. If a canine is barking and seems threatened by your presence, give it space. Make sure you and your children always ask permission before petting a dog, because not all pets are as friendly to strangers as they may appear. Additionally, never judge a dog by its breed, but by its actions.


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