Man Catches 3-Pound Goldfish From Michigan Lake

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Plenty of folks have a big fish story, but Mike Martin's is a tad different. According to the Daily Mail U.K., the fisherman caught a 3-pound, 15-inch-long goldfish from Lake Clair in Michigan.

Martin believes the surprising find used to be someone's pet that was released into the wild. With a whole lake to live in, the goldfish grew to fit its new surroundings.

"We see them all the time but, to actually catch them is rare," Martin told the Daily Mail. "Everybody wants to just dump them off their seawall and let them be free and this is what they turn into."

Martin was on the water ice-fishing for perch when he pulled in the unconventional catch. He admits that it took him a second to process what was on the end of his line.

Martin has held onto the fish, hoping that Goldie will break a record and be the biggest of her kind. Whether the fish makes the record books or not, Martin plans to mount the animal on his wall for all to admire.

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