Kitten Swallows 6-Inch TV Antenna

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A kitten in Sheffield, England, is recovering from surgery after swallowing a 6-inch TV antenna, according to the Guardian U.K.

When Vanessa Waite adopted Alphie the kitten, he immediately developed an unusual passion for television, watching it for long stretches at a time. But Waite says she didn't realize that Alphie was apparently most interested in the unit's antenna. Only a few days after Waite brought him home, Alphie struck.

Hearing a noise in the house, Waite found Alphie hiding under the bed. But the kitten seemed fine, and nothing in the room looked amiss. "However, during the night he was being sick, so the next morning I took him to the PDSA. It wasn't until later that I realized that one of the aerial antennas was missing from my TV."

Somehow, Alphie had managed to swallow the TV's antenna, no small feat for the still-young kitten. "I couldn't believe it when I saw the X-ray," Waite said. "The aerial looked huge in his tiny body."

Liz Airey, the veterinary surgeon who operated on Alphie, noted that the kitten is lucky, all things considered. "It's fortunate that he didn't swallow it the other way round, as the sharp broken end could have punctured his stomach and caused damage to his intestines, which could have been fatal," Airey said.

Did the curious kitten learn his lesson? Of course not! "When he came home it was like nothing had happened," Waite said. "He's a real handful and I have to watch him all the time because he'll try and stick anything in his mouth." No one who's owned a kitten will be surprised to hear that.


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Being a cat-mommy myself, I am so very happy Alfie was saved and that his mommy watches him so well and takes such good care of him. Thanks to her timely actions Alfie's life can be long and happy - any dedicated cat-mommy can tell you that felines in this respect are always "kittens" and need to be watched - there is no end to their antics and their need for monitoring.

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