Giant Shark Spotted 200 Yards Off Florida Coast, Thanks to Electronic Tracking System

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According to the Daily Mail UK, the police are warning swimmers about a giant shark that was spotted 200 yards off the Florida coast, thanks to an electronic tagging system.

Last September, two great white sharks, named Mary Lee and Genie, were tagged near Cape Cod, Mass. According to tracking, the two have traveled the same route to Florida for the winter season.

Mary Lee was spotted off the Florida coast, thanks to her tags. She is 16 feet long and weighs 3,456 pounds.

The tags were not placed on the sharks by the local police. The tracking system was put into place by Ocearch, a research project that studies oceans and marine life.

Ocearch helps create awareness about sharks. With their tags, they specifically hoped to learn more about how sharks live, how they breed and where they eat.

After three months, Ocearch scientists were extremely surprised to see that both Mary Lee and Genie were spotted off the coast of Nassau County, Fla.

"It's really odd to me that we only tagged two sharks in Cape Cod and both those sharks are off Jacksonville. That's 100 percent of our sample size," said Ocearch's chairman, Chris Fischer.

Meanwhile, police are using Ocearch's information and encouraging swimmers to keep clear of the sharks.

Osearch's website has an online tool that can be used to track the sharks' exact movements.

Amazing Photos of Great White Leaping Mid-Air:

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