Dogs Stayed with Missing Boy, Kept Him Warm

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Man's best friend proved its loyalty once again, protecting a young boy lost in the Missouri woods. According to WTVR, a six-year-old boy went missing for several hours and was found by a search and rescue team being kept warm by his dogs.

Ryan Smith and his wife had to face a parent's worst nightmare when their boy Riley went missing last Friday. Riley became lost after he chased the puppy he got for Christmas into the woods surrounding the Smith's backyard.

A search party consisting of policemen, firefighters and volunteers quickly formed. With this extra help, Riley was found six hours later, a mile into the woods without his socks or shoes. The Smith's two family dogs were also found cuddled up against the boy.

"He was extremely cold; he had gotten down into a brushy area and the dogs cuddled up to him and were able to keep him warm," Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland told WTVR.

Riley's parents are relieved that their son was found safe and without serious injury, and they are thankful to their dogs for staying by Riley's side throughout the ordeal.

The boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but thanks to the warmth provided by his pets, Riley suffered no injuries due to exposure.

Disabled Dog Helps Special Needs Boy:

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The dogs! There was a 35 years old woman live in the mountain. She was going to the woods to do some study. Until the sunset, she got lost. She climbed the big red wood tree to locate her house direction. She felt from the tree and broke her leg. She lied there for 4 days in the woods. Later searchers and Police men found her lying in a ditch. It was very cold in the mountain. Luckily her furry dog stayed with her. She survived. Thanks to the most loyal animals. May they be reincarnated to be her boss to tell her that "not to go into woods alone! "

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