Owners Urged to Claim Displaced Hurricane Sandy Pets ASAP

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Humans were not the only ones caught up in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - thousands of innocent pets were affected, as well. According to Gothamist, many animals displaced by the storm throughout the five boroughs are still looking for a way back home.

There have been plenty of happy endings, however. The ASPCA rescued over 300 pets from flooded conditions and housed over 280 animals displaced by the hurricane. City agencies have helped many of these pets reunite with their concerned owners, but others remain homeless. The ASPCA said that they are still housing over 140 pets at their temporary shelter in Brooklyn, and they are running out of time.

"We are still caring for the displaced pets at our emergency boarding facility, but we're also planning the next step, which is to find homes for unclaimed animals as we start to demobilize our operation," the senior director of ASPCA Field Investigations and Response, Tim Rickey, told Gothamist. "While many pets have been reunited with their families, we still have animals that are waiting to be claimed, and we want to give residents every opportunity to be reunited with their pets. We urge anyone who is missing their pet to visit our emergency shelter as soon as possible or contact the Hurricane Sandy pet hotline."

If the remaining pets are not claimed in the next several days, the ASPCA will begin placing these animals in new homes. If you or some you know is still missing a pet, visit 1508 Herkimer Street in Brooklyn, call the Hurricane Sandy Pet Hotline at 347-537-9935, or check out the Animal Care & Control of NYC's (AC&C's) lost pets website.

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