Is Viral Video of Cows Spilling Out of Truck on Russian Road a Hoax?

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This video is much more than spilt milk. According to the Daily Mail U.K., a clip of cows tumbling out of an overturned truck in Russia has become a YouTube sensation, with some viewers calling the video a hoax.

The viral video, which has gathered over three million views, was filmed by the dashboard camera of a Russian driver. Footage shows the oncoming truck traveling in front of the camera trying to swerve to avoid another vehicle. The truck takes the move too far and flips over, spilling live cows onto the road. Luckily, the animals are shown getting to their feet without issue after recovering from the shock of the accident. Reports say that all of the cows and the truck's driver left the crash unharmed.

This shocking sight has many viewers calling the video a cruel hoax. So far, however, all evidence points to the clip being genuine. Dashboard cameras are becoming more popular in Russia, with drivers attempting to capture accidents for insurance purposes.

This clip is one of many popping up on the Internet showcasing Russia's dangerous roads. Now that dashboard cameras are more common, people outside the country have a chance to see the poor and scary conditions drivers have to cope with there.

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